Thursday, 22 October 2015

BIK BOK Beach Surf Spray REVIEW

Hello everyone and welcome back!!

Today I wanted to share my love for this little product by a Scandinavian brand called


I was totally unaware of this brand since my super lovely friend Jessica
gifted it to me in Rome last year, when we met in real life...

Back then I have really long hair and a product like that wasn't totally the one I needed to style it..
so I din't use it that much

Since I cut my hair recently
I started adding this product to my routine
for texturizing my hair
adding extra volume
and creating "beach surf" effect

I love it!!

I love the smell, the packaging and look at the colour!!!!!

It looks like sea water

I've never tried a product like this, 
I have to thank my friend Jessica :) for giving me the chance to try it!

Now I don't think this brand is super easy to get if you live outside Scandinavia

I don't know... 


I'm glad though to have gotten the chance to try it once :)

And you? Do you know this brand?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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