Monday, 19 October 2015

KIKO Eye Shadow 131 Caffè Satinato REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

The other day I re-discovered one eyeshadow I used to love by KIKO
I used it and I decided to share a blog post with you all about it.

I'm talking about the

Eyeshadow in 131
Caffè Satinato
(which means Satin Coffee)

It is a beautiful warm brown, perfect as a transition colour
it is slightly satin, as the name might suggests, the tiny shine is also visible from the swatches above
as you can see,  but to be honest, on the lids it looks totally matte.

It is a MUST HAVE shade, in my opinion
one of those colours that can be useful for so many looks
this shadow can also be apply (very gently) as a bronzer
I tried it once and It looked perfect!

Anyway a very inexpensive eye shadow which mixes low cost and high quality

You can get this at KIKO website
and right now you can get it for only € 2.90

here is the LINK


Mika xxx

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