Saturday, 3 October 2015

ME ME ME Eye Inspire Pressed Eyeshadow 07 Twilight REVIEW

Hello everyone
and welcome back!

Today I'm showing you a product I received a long time ago from a Glossybox
when I was still subscribed to them.

I'm talking about the
Mono Eye Inspire Pressed Eyeshadow in 07




I totally forgot about this product
it was a surprise :)

I don't know much about the brand MeMeMe
I know that is a British brand
but I don't own any other of their product

I must say though Twilight is AMAZING
as you can see from the swatch
this colour is magical
it is a duo chrome Dark Blue and Dark Brown
I don't know how to explain it
but it is like nothing I own

I really want to film a look featuring it
It is so beautiful
It deserves a video I think :)
what do you think?


Mika xxx

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