Friday, 9 October 2015

The Power Of Make... ps. be aware Scary images :)

Hi everyone
and welcome back!

Last video I did was the
Power Of Makeup

I just wanted to share with you these 3 pictures
of the power of makeup

hey which side is better??? ;) :P

OMG I have never realised how desperate my face looks like without makeup
Everything is different
the shape of the eyes
the shades of my skin
the brows

I really look sick without makeup compared to with it.

I'm also sure the age is not helping
let's face it, as we get older everything start looking sadder
the smile lines, the under eyes, the eyes themselves
the discoloration of the skin, full of sun damage

I guess when I was younger I could have walk out without makeup
and not looking sad and sick

Nowadays I'm glad there is makeup, especially if I committed myself of a life 100% REALITY
and being truth to myself
without using any helpers, such as Botox fillers... etc.

So  I've got a very hard future ahead of me

but that's life...

thanks Makeup for making me look decent ;) 

Please Do this video tag

You will be surprised!


Mika xxx

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  1. You are beautiful with and without makeup! Great post!