Monday, 23 November 2015

Barry M Stain Paint Lipstick in Absolute Burgundy REVIEW

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.

How about Burgundy lipsticks?

I'm all up for it... especially for fall and winter.

One of my favourite burgundy lipstick is this one by

Barry M

from their line called

Stain Paint


Absolute Burgundy

As the name of the line would suggest, this lipstick is super moisturising but at the same time
it leaves a stain on your lips

This is the perfect finish you want to have for the party seasons..

Think about the Christmas Meal...
you're wearing your lovely lipstick, and at the first bite of the starter.... 
you end up with the horrible fading lipstick...

well with this one it doesn't happen
because although while you eat or drink
the moisture and the glossiness of the lipstick (of course goes away)
your lips will stay fully stained by the shade
So we can all enjoy our meals without thinking about touching up.. 

Another plus..
it is very affordable
being a Barry M product
you can get this lipstick in Boots, Superdrug, and Barry M website..
also here on Amazon

A sophisticated, classic burgundy red for all the party season,,,

I love it!

And you, what's your favourite lipstick for Christmas? or the Holidays?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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