Thursday, 5 November 2015

Galénic Paris Argane Cleansing Gel - Texture Oil REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to talk about a skin care product which I discovered from Glossybox.

No many product from the Italian Glossybox made me in love
in fact I can clearly say that in 18 months of subscription I only purchased one full size item.

But this is another story.


I received a small size (10ml) of this product from the french brand and I fell in love.
Kindly a friend of mine sent me this full size for my birthday last july and made my day!

I'm talking about the

Galénic Paris
Cleansing Gel/Oil


this product is magical

I love it so so much!!!

So far in my life, after have been trying many products for removing makeup
I can say that this one
by Galénic is my favourite makeup remover of all time.

I use one pump of product to remove all my makeup up
rubber on my face, spending a little bit of extra time on my eyes,
where usually I use waterproof products.
I spend a bit of time massaging in my skin with it, the consistency at first is like a gel
then as you rubber on the skin turns into oil but don't worry, it doesn't leave the skin greasy at all
it leaves my skin perfectly smooth and comfortable

Usually when I remove my makeup with other products, straight after my skin feels irritated
but with this product my skin feels like after a facial

I love it, and I recommend it to all of you

If you can get your hands in this product please check it out.


Mika xxx

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