Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BEN NYE Luxury Powder in Banana REVIEW

Hi everyone
and welcome back to my blog.

Today I'm going to talk about a product I wanted for ages..
An holy grail product well known all over the beauty community

I'm talking about

the BANANA Powder

Ben Nye

I was able to get it from a British website called

I paid £13.45 for it.

Since I wasn't too sure if this shade was going to suit me
(I couldn't find any review of this product from a fair skin person)
I went for the smaller size, which still for me is a massive size when it comes to powder

The jar packaging is in fact 26 gm (92 OZ)
Since I planned to use this product only to set my under eye areas
I think it will last me forever.

I must admit, I was right not to get a bigger size
I still can work with this powder but I have to be very light handed
otherwise the yellow cast is very visible
especially now, in colder months when I'm at my palest

I still love it though!!

Maybe because I wanted it for such a long time... but it does the job.

It definitely helps to brighten up the area under the eyes

Have you tried this product?

if yeah, let me know what you think..


Mika xxx

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