Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day Lunch 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Here's my Christmas day in pictures....


Today I went to the Manor House Hotel
A beautiful place in the country site in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

My classical pose in the toilet.....


Here's the food, actually, first of all, it is not Christmas without the crackers


Seasonal Root Vegetable Soup


Selection from Appetiser Table

Here I went a bit wild, the plate was a bit small, so I start building layers of food..
these are skills you learn in Italy!!


Traditional Roast Turkey & Home Glazed Ham With Herb Stuffing & Gravy


Selection from Dessert Table
Here, once again, I picked up so many things... I couldn't finish even half.. I was way too full
unfortunately, I only have once stomach!


Here's the beautiful Christmas Tree in the lobby of the Hotel

Here's a close up of my content face, after a huge meal
Noticing my leather jacket zipped up trying to hide my
"4 months pregnancy look alike stomach"


This last picture was taken outside the hotel, with the view, in the background, 
of Lough Erne (in case you don't know Lough is the Gaelic word for LAKE)

I had a wonderful time, I hope you all had a great time for this Christmas 2015

Let me know what you have done today, what did you eat...

I'd love to know :)

Best wishes

Mika xxx

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