Monday, 14 December 2015

CLEAN & CLEAR Advantage Spot Control Treatment Gel REVIEW

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog.

A new product to talk about today.

A new skincare product by the brand

Clean & Clear

I'm pretty sure this is the first product I've tried by this brand, which is kind of weird
since it is one the most famous skincare brand in the UK

But anyway..
better later than never..

I wanted to try something to help during the time of month (if you know what I mean).

I usually have pretty clear skin but during that famous week
I get few nasties around (especially my chin and jaws)
So I'm always looking for the magic product to help me quickly to go back to normal.

I still haven't find it though.

This product, which is their

Advantage Spot Control Treatment Gel

seems to be very effective, at least it seems to calm down the redness and the "volume" of the size of the pimple (I know it is gross to talk about this kind of things, but I have to explain what I mean)

It feels nearly like that this product help to "dry" the spot quicker
which mean, goodbye spots faster!!!

The spot doesn't disappear after 4 hours, but it looks to get better...
It contain Salicylic Acids
and this is probably the reason why I see the improvement

This product is not MAGIC in a bottle
but it helps a lot.

So I would recommend it to all of you.. I'm sure we all get spots during that time of the month.

Have you ever tried this product?

Let me know your favourite spot treatment is, and see you soon!


Mika xxx

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