Thursday, 17 December 2015

COLLECTION COSMETICS Lasting Perfection Concealer in Cool Medium 2 REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back.

Today Blogpost is about a new concealer I've been testing out.

The word "new" isn't really right in this case, because I've tried this concealer before in the past
but in a different shade

I'm talking about the well known and well loved

Collection Cosmetics
(ex 2000)

Lasting Perfection Concealer


in the shade

Cool Medium 2

I love love love this concealer from the drugstore

It covers very well any discolorations
or dark circles under my eyes
it has a super strong staying power, and it doesn't crease too much.

What I love to do the most with this concealer is using it as a foundation

For a lazy day where I try to get ready quicker
I use this concealer under the eyes, around my nose on my chin
(mostly on the centre of my face)
then with a damp makeup sponge
I blend it all over my face

It works WONDER!!!

it gives to my face a much flawless look
without to add the heaviness effect of a foundation

have you ever used your concealer as a foundation?

Have you ever tried this one by Collection?

I love it..

I will get the lighter shade next time to use as highlighter
since this shade is a pretty good colour match for my skin and at the same time, the peachy tone to it
helps hugely to cover up the dark circles


This is a product I recommend
and I will repurchase again

Mika xxx

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