Wednesday, 23 December 2015

COLOUR ON Ice Cool Blonde Semi Permanent Hair Toner REVIEW

Hi everyone! And welcome back.

Today it's time to share my thoughts on this new product.
I was looking for a new hair toner from the drugstore.
I was in Superdrug and I noticed this one,
which I have never seen before by the brand


As you might know, 2015 has been the year of silver hair for me.
I have tested out many different products and many different brands from the drugstore
such as
BBlonde by Jerome Russell and Colour Freedom by Knight & Wilson and so on.
So when I saw another brand making hair toners I wanted to test it out straight away.

This product is available at the drugstore, I've bought mine in Superdrug as I said.
It retails for £6.99 and very often you can get it cheaper, in fact right now it is sold at £4.99
I leave you the link where you can get it HERE

In the box you get a 100ml tube full of product
A pair of plastic gloves for the application
and a page with all the instructions.

The product itself is dark purple and it has a very nice scent.

This toner will help to cancel out any brassiness or yellow in your hair.
This product is aimed for natural blonde hair or blonde dyed hair
(highlighters, Ombre or simply dyed)

It works very easily

First you wash your hair with a normal shampoo
(without conditioning your hair afterwards)
Then, let your hair drying a bit with a towel
and then you can apply the toner.

If this is the first time for you to tone your hair it is suggested to do a strand test
before to go ahead and toning your full head,
in order to establish the right timing that you will need.

You can apply it all over your hair
In the box says to keep it for 20 minutes,
but if you want a stronger effect you can go ahead and keep it for more,
up to 1 hour.
Then you can wash it off, without shampooing
You will see a lot of purple water washing out,
you can stop washing your hair once the water is clear.

That's it! Super easy!

This product is ammonia and peroxide free
so it doesn't damage your hair
you can use it any time you wash your hair to keep the colour vibrant.

 I found that this Ice Cool Blonde Semi Permanent Hair Toner
leaves my hair super smooth
conditioned and with a nice scent

I really recommend you to try it out

It does what it say.

My hair stays ice cool/silver longer and also appears more healthy

I will get this product again.
A great discovery


Mika xxx

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