Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today blog post is all about hair.

TONING is something I've been doing over the last 12 months
and I'm really enjoying it

First of all it is less damaging than permanent colours
Secondly it gives you the chance to play with "weird" colours without commitment.

One brand which stood up to me is


this brand is a british brand
and they have a huge range of products for blondes

which goes from bleach, ombre effect, highlighters set, and toner

I've been a massive supporter and lover of their 

which I have used most of the year in order to achieve a more
grey silver hair

here's the review/application video of 
BBlonde Silver Toner
if you haven't seen it

Another unusual shade from their toner is


which is the one I'm talking about today.

Pastels colours, pinks, blues, and green have been around for a while now
and I always wanted to try myself with some of this hues, but I was always too scared of the effect, what if I end up not liking it?

Then I decided to play it cool and try this toner
(which claim to wash off in 8 shampoo, it actually wash off after 2 shampoos)
by Jerome Russell

Since I love their silver one I was nearly certain that I was going to like this too.
And I did.

I love this toner,
there is no Ammonia or Peroxide
(so very gentle and it won't damage your hair)
 The Pink Hue is not so extreme
Mostly though is due to the fact that my hair is not fully bleached
the toner would not work on my natural hair (since I have highlighters) so the effect of pink hair is less visible

But still I like it

Here is the video review using Jerome Russell
BBlonde Pink Toner
in case you want to see the full process, timing and before after

It is nice to have a change, and also being able to wash it off in case you are not too sure.

You could even use it during the weekend, and wash it off right before to go back to work, in case your boss is a bit conservative ;)

Have you ever tried a hair toner before?

Which brands?

let me know

I love the freedom of changing without damaging my hair
and especially without commitment


Mika xxx

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