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MAYBELLINE DREAM WONDER Liquid Touch Foundation 10 Porcelain Ivory REVIEW

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The product I'm going to talk about today is a foundation
a drugstore foundation
more precisely a foundation by


and it is their

Dream Wonder
Liquid Touch Foundation

 I've got myself the shade
10 Porcelain Ivory
(which maybe it's a tiny bit too light for my skin, but still I make it work)

I've bought this foundation last year when I was in Toronto
back then, this product was not released in Europe yet.

I'm a huge fan of liquid foundations
My skin is mostly dry but with an oily t zone.
Usually I don't get any spots or redness 
for that reason I like to go for more natural light coverage foundations
which feel like skin

I've loved L'Oreal Nude Magique foundation (another drugstore)
and on the high end side, one of my favourite is by
YSL Ink Fusion Foundation

well this one by Maybelline is the same kind of concept of the other 2 mentioned above.

It is very liquidy
It blends super easy
and I found the best "tool" to apply this kind of water-based foundations are fingers

I've tried sponges, and brushes
but the best flawless finish I get is when I use my fingertips

It is PERFECT for warmer months

I would say I wore this foundation during Spring/Summer and Fall

but now..

I cannot wear it anymore.. with winter my face get super tight and dry
so it needs a more heavy foundation

For the rest of the time, this is a super foundation
it does not move, it last all day
and it feels like skin

I love it!

I would say if you have an oily skin you really want to give this a go, and possibly you will be able to wear it in the winter time too..

this foundation become quickly one of my favourite from the drugstore
and you..
have you ever tried it?

if yeah, let me know your experience...


Mika xxx

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