Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Maybelline Master Shape Brow in Soft Brown REVIEW

Hi everyone!!
Welcome back :)

Recently I've picked up this brow pencil by


I went for their

Master Shape Brow

Soft Brown

The reason why I went for this particular one was the spooly!
To me a spooly is necessary when I do my brows, so when I can get a pencil with a spooly already in
I always go for that.

In this case I'm lucky twice
since this shade really suits me and blend seamlessly with my real hair (brows)
as you can see above in the picture.
This Soft Brown is perfect, not too warm not too cool, the perfect shade for me

The formulation is very nice as well
easy to draw on, it feels soft and waxy
but at the same time doesn't move once it's on your brows

Afterall I'm very happy with this purchase
considering that it costs only
well.... it's a bargain!

I totally recommend it.

Possibly I will repurchase this again in future, at less I want to test out something new

Take care.


Mika xxx

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