Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo Dawn Till Dusk REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

The other day I was in Tesco (as usual)
and I was short on dry shampoo

Usually I'm a huge fan of Batiste dry shampoo
In fact it is the only brand that I keep repurchasing every time.

But while I was in Tesco I noticed this colourful collection
by the brand


Six different options for any kind of issues
They have the brown one (for brown hair) and the blonde (for blonde hair)
the exxxtra volume one
and 3 regular ones with 3 different scents

the pink bottle Party Nights
the purple bottle Hazy Days
and the one I picked up
which is the turquoise bottle called

Dawn Till Dusk

It comes in a 150 ml size
and it retails for only £1.50

So far so good

I've used it a few times
I like the scent
and I like the effect

Not bad at all

I could possibly get this brand again
I'm still loyal to my beloved Batiste

their collections they scents...
it is my favourite dry shampoo brand!!!! I can't lie...

But as I said
I have nothing bad to say about
Gilz Only
Good affordable dry shampoo
Try it out if you are in Tesco!

Mika xxx

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