Tuesday, 5 January 2016

NOTD // COLLECTION 7 Day Wear Nail Polish Orange Zest

Hello everyone!!

Long time since a NOTD blog post.

Lately I've been super good to try and contain myself to buy too much stuff...

Makeup - Clothing etc...

I'm planning to move this year, and in my head there is the HUGE AMOUNT OF THINGS 
my belongings that I will need to move
(once again, Makeup and Clothing)

So I'm trying my hardest to buy the little as possible
since in reality, I already own  A LOT OF STUFF.

Just the other day, though, famous last words, I picked up 3 new nail polish by

Collection Cosmetics

These are very inexpensive
in fact each of those little nail polish retail at only £1.99

So, as I said, I picked 3 shade up

The first I wanted to try is this amazing vibrant orangey red
(which I know for a fact, I don't own anything like that)

This nail polish is from their line


and this particular shade is number 7


I'm obsessed with this shade

I'm a bit less impressed with the formula.
It suppose to be 2 coats and you go...
Well I did apply 2 coats but I wasn't happy with the result
It appeared not glossy and undone
so I topped it up with a coat of my trusty

Seche Vite top coat

and the final look is what you can see on the pictures

I'm not complaining at all, in fact I like that there is such a choice at the drugstore
they have a great selection of shades
and once again for only less than 2 £

So lets say, if you are really on the budget you can get as many shades as you want
from this collection without going bankrupt 
BUT maybe you want to add a good glossy top coat to go with them

If you have ever tried this product let me know your thoughts
because in the past I've tried a nail polish by Collection
from their Work the Colour line and I was really happy with the formulation as well...

Maybe it is just this one...

Still like it, and I'm wearing it right now!


Mika xxx

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