Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Superdrug TEA TREE Facial Cleansing Wipes REVIEW

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Today in particular I want to talk about this facial wipes
which I've bought in



Facial Cleansing Wipes

So, last time I was at the drugstore and I was in need of facial wipes
and then I decided to give them a go

There are 30 wipes in here and in other brands of wipes usually you only get 25
These are also suitable for vegetarian and vegan
which makes me wonder what kind of ingredients are used in other wipes
where they don't say so....  mmmm

actually if it happens that you know, leave me a comment I'm very curious!

Also these wipes are cruelty free!!!! yeah :)

The main ingredient in these wipes are
natural tea tree and peppermint oils
and pro-vitamin B5

they claims to
"effectively eliminate impurities and remove makeup for a refreshed
clear looking complexion"

and do we want to mention the scent???

So fresh and minty!!!

I love it!

I use these in the morning to give my face a bit of kick
in fact the peppermint scent which is quite strong really helps me to "wakeup"
but I also use them at night to not only remove makeup, because let's be honest
waterproof products need much more to be removed
but I love just to give myself the final step using this wipes
just before apply my usual moisturiser
they really leave your face super fresh and clean!

If you can get this wipes
try them and let me know what you think

Bare in mind though, be careful with your eyes
because of the peppermint these can be quite stingy


Mika xxx

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