Saturday, 13 February 2016


Hi everyone and welcome back to my Blog.

When it comes to Primers I'm not the best person to ask, only because
I've never really being a huge primer person

I always thought that a primer was an extra step between moisturiser and foundation
and I have never seen the point in using it
Never seem to understand the upsides

Till Now.

Of course during my You Tube Makeup Lover path
I have tried few primers from the drugstores
but still don't feel very knowledgeable about this field

Anyway only lately I've discovered this product
which made my PRIMER step essential

I'm talking about the

Mattifying Base

I've bought this one combined with the foundation
(which I LOVE as well)
If you have seen my latest video you already know my thoughts on them.. but,
in case you haven't I leave you the video down below

this mattifying base is fantastic
I love everything about it.

The packaging first of all
which is the same of the foundation.

A good plastic squeezy tube
travel friendly
with a very generous 35 ml of product
(which is an extra 5 ml compared with all the foundations/primers on the market,
since 30ml is usually the standard size)

 The primer has a water/gel consistency
it's non-comedogenic, hance it won't block your pores

Instantly transforms skin texture,
resulting in a matte finish and velvet-soft touch. 

as you can read on their Website
and I totally agree with this statement

I love this primer!

I use it everyday :)

It did change my view on primers for sure

And you, have you tried this product?

Let me know what you think!


Mika xxx

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