Saturday, 19 March 2016

A Day Of My Life In Pictures - Unquiet Nights gig @ Il Maglio Torino (IT)

17th of March
@ Il Maglio
Torino IT

Another early morning for this date...
As for the Mattorosso
I knew that in Turin was snowing the day before so I wore loads of layers just in case..

Loading our Opel Vivaro as usual
All the equipments fit perfectly and it has 9 seats...
Very Spacious and comfortable to drive
Amazing vehicle!

We got lucky with the weather
an early Sunny Spring day

Everything looks more beautiful with the sun...

Our Serena Tomtom leads us everywhere we want..
she is such a great woman ;)

We took few stops during the journey
it takes about 7 hours to get to Turin
so it is nice to stop even for 5 minutes... 

We reached the Liguria Region.. first city we passed by was La Spezia
and its colourful docks

The autostrada near Genoa is full of tunnel...
I've seen so many and I have found out that in the A10
which is the Liguria part of the Autostrada
there are 150 tunnels...

Anyway finally we arrived at the venue..

Unquiet Nights From the UK
(Irish Rock)

They are getting ready for the soundcheck...

Il Maglio before the soundcheck

Our table where we got a lovely dinner
They used Vinyls records LP
as plate mats

The morning after Torino was kissed by the sun...

Before to leave the Alps waved at us........

Goodbye Torino..

See you soon!!!


Mika xxx

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