Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today is time for me to show you a product I use regularly when I need to get my hair
less "yellow or reddish"

If you follow me for quite a while you might already know that I love
toning my hair
Silver - Grey and Pink
these are the toner I have tried and liked over the last months

I've filmed plenty of videos
with application and review of all the products.
I leave you few videos down below in case you haven't seen them

All of those products are amazing and I would recommend them to you
in case you like to change a little bit the tone of your hair.

But also the product I'm talking about today is very effective.

This product by

Professional Hair Care

is called

Touch of Silver

and it is their twice a week
Brightening Shampoo
with Violet Pigment
which is able to neutralise brassiness

You can use this as a shampoo
as it meant to be
but I like to use it in a different way

I like to mix this to a conditioner or a treatment mask
Put 3 parts of container
and 1 part of this shampoo
mix it well
then apply it on my hair after being washed
I leave it on for over 30 minutes
then wash it off..

It works amazingly!!

This product is also super affordable you can get it for less than £3.00
Usually at Superdrug and Boots.

Mika xxx

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