Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Hello everyone and welcome back to my review.

Today I want to talk about a product
which I have already talked about on Youtube
In fact, for this product I have already filmed a video
review / application /before and after
I leave the link of the video down below in case you haven't seen it.

I'm talking about a "new" brand which I spotted in Superdrug

Express - Colour

Maintain your hair colour & condition, blend out grey


Extend the life of hair colour between salon visits

Here's their website

There are 8 different shades in the line.
3 of those are for blonde
Platinum Blonde
Ash Blonde
Honey Blonde

(since I don't like honey blonde I didn't pick it up, I only picked up the other 2 shades)

They also have a good selection of browns
Warm Brown

A couple of reds
Copper Brown
Rich Red

and a darker shade

These are the instructions on How to Use it

How to refresh your hair colour and blend out grey
Shampoo and rinse your hair as usual and then towel dry.
Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into four sections,
front to back and ear to ear.
Apply with your fingertips, just like a conditioner.
We recommend wearing gloves to prevent any staining to fingernails.
Comb through evenly and wipe away any excess.
Wait just three minutes for the colour to develop. Express~colour
can be left on for longer – up to 10 minutes for blondes,
or up to 30 minutes for a deeper,
richer colour in dark hair.
Rinse with lukewarm water.
Dry and style as desired.

It is very simple
In the box you also get a pair of gloves
If you want to see how I do it, watch the video of the review up above.

140g jar that can give you up to 5 application (of course it depends with the length of your hair)

My hair feels so good after the application
this product is also a good treatment mask at the same time

Suitable for vegans too!

If you like to keep your hair colour fresh
you might want to check those out

Let me know what product you use for keeping your hair colour like new.

Leave me a comment


Mika xxx

1 comment:

  1. Used the Honey Blonde and followed instructions, left it on for maximum time recommended (10 mins) it did NOTHING!!!
    My few greys were NOT blended.
    Complete waste of money and time.