Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Day In My Life In Pictures - Visiting my Granny

Hello everyone!!

Today I went to visit my Granny

It was a lovely journey with the car
the spring time is all around
beautiful colours, flowers and blue sky..

My Granny is 83, and for the last 18 months she has been diagnosed
with Alzheimer


She was so sharp and smart
it is very sad to see how nasty this illness can be
but today in fairness she was better then other days

Beautiful nature around is celebrating the Spring

I love flowers


We went for a walk me my mother and my Granny

The town is pretty nice...

...very famous for their Tartufi and their Cured Meat..
Yes, these below are real Wild Boar's heads

We went to have an Gelato
she loved it!!

Me too :)

Then we went for a ride around the country side..

I love the beautiful mountains there...

Then it came the time to say goodbye...

... till the next time... I love you Granny ❤️ 

Mika xxx

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