Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Day Of My Life In Pictures - School Reunion

Last night I went for my School Reunion
We tried to organise this date for the last 6 weeks
but it is so hard to be able to pick a day which can suit everyone
especially when majority of those people are "mothers" 

From a class of 30 students only 9 were able to make it.
Plus one teacher
Our Prof Ugo who used to teach us
Planning and Design (yeah I did an Art college)

Here's a picture of us back in the days...
March 1998 - Paris
can you spot where I am?

Anyway we went to a local "pizzeria"
The aim of the night wasn't a good meal but spend time together
talking about what happened over the last
18 years!!!!!!!1


The same day of the reunion was also our teacher birthday
he turned 69

He was so pleased to spend his birthday with us :)

My Class was mostly girls
as I said we were a big class of 30 students
with one only boy (which didn't come to the reunion)

Most of the "girls" have become mothers
in fact only a few are still "Child free"
and I'm one of them!!!

My friend needed to take her newborn since she needed to feed her baby girl
such a cute little baby....

Chatting.. eating.. drinking...

eating again.....

then we started the time of the selfies

more selfies

selfie with our teacher..


Natural selfies.. without a pose..



Then the cake arrived...

69 with a candle

He was really happy and surprised.. he also loves selfies!!

I had such a great time
catching up with all my classmates
and my teacher
so many memories
so many stories

sometimes is good take a trip in the past

Mika xxx 

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