Thursday, 7 April 2016


Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to show you a lipstick
A product I have owned for such a long time
but for some reason I forgot to talk about it here on my blog.

I'm talking about

Rouge à Levres



This is the only lipstick I own from this brand
I know that Illamasqua does two different finishes

Matte and Satin

both of them claim long wear

Immodest is a matte one
I love the shade
so similar in many ways to my beloved
Candy Yum Yum by MAC

This one I must admit, is a bit too drying for me
It applies a bit chocky
and it needs to have a perfect prep lips underneath
if you want to achieve a better application

I've been loving using it with a gloss on the top
since I'm in love with this bright barbie pink
I would do all it takes to being able to wear it

I'd love to hear from you
if you have tried some Illamasqua lipsticks
especially their Matte ones
I'd love to know if you find them too drying as well...

Also I really want to get a Satin finish one
just to be able to get a better idea
about those lipsticks.

I love the selection of shades
and I love the packaging

Please leave me a comment if you have tried any Illamasqua lipstick


Mika xxx

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