Sunday, 10 April 2016

JEROME RUSSELL Bblonde Lightening Spray REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel.

Over the last year or so I've been loving experimenting with my hair
just toning or touching up my roots
since my natural colour is a very cool tone ash blonde.. 
which sounds fascinating...


lets be honest someday, in some parts of my hair
I look like a rat...

hey.. I don't have anything against these lovely creature
but what I'm trying to say, I guess, that ash cool tone blonde
something is very BORING.

So that's why I like, every now and again to retouch my roots

For years I have been a massive fan of the

John Frieda Go Blonder
Lightening Spray
(which still use, and still love)

Only recently I discovered something similar
from another well loved brand

Jerome Russell Bblonde
From this brand I have tried and bought many times
their hair Toner
especially their SILVER one
I think only in year 2015, I have bought 20 bottles of it

and their PINK toner

Anyway when I saw that they also have Lightening Spray in their line I wanted to try it.

I've bought mine in Tesco
but I'm sure Boots or Superdrug carry them too.

This product, packaging wise, look exactly like the John Frieda one

Come in a box
and inside you get your little bottle with
100ml of product

An intensive heat activated permanent lightening solution
that gradually lifts your natural colour to create a sun kissed look.
The effective non-rinse formulation works as soon as you spray it on
and gives results in as little as 3 uses. 
The added Thermal Protector reduces the damage associated with heat styling,
leaving hair soft and radiant.
Current Hair Colour: Light to medium blonde, Results: Lightest blonde
Current Hair Colour: Dark blonde to light brown, Colour Results: Light blonde
Current Hair Colour: Medium brown, Colour Results: Not recommended
Experts in blonding - Jerome Russell Bblonde™ provides you with a range of salon
quality products for flexible blonding at home.
All formulations are professionally created using the highest quality ingredients,
that protect and condition during the lightening and colouring process.
The result: healthy salon quality hair to suit your blonding needs.

It works.. I can see my hair getting lighter
I really like the effect
the only down side is the smell
when you blow dry your hair this product stink so chemically that makes you sick..
I guess it's because of the Hydrogen Peroxide

So if you can get through the smell, you are fine..
I'm still using it because I like the effect, I just make sure to blow dry my hair in a open space ;)

Have you ever tried this product?
Or something similar?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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