Friday, 1 April 2016

KIKO Makeup Milano Water Eyeshadow 105 Cyber Berry REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back!

Today I'm back with another stunning eyeshadow.

Once again something I have owned for such a long time
but I neglected it till now since my shadows collection is way too big for only one person.

I'm talking about
this amazing product by

Water Eyeshadow
105 Cyber Berry

OMG this colour swatches amazingly wet
as you can see from the picture
the left swatch is (of course) the wet one
and the right one is the dry one

This shade is fantastic especially if you like me have green eyes
The berry / purple red really brings out the green from your eyes...

I love it!

I enjoy apply this mostly on my lid stopping at the crease line
and also I have learnt that the best way is to apply this at the end of your eye makeup
since the glitter particle will fall out a bit if you bend this shadow too much

So as a finish touch
I pad this on my lip, wet using a fixing plus liquid, any brand will do
and the intensity is crazy!!!!

Why did I forget this product???????
silly me!!!


Mika xxx

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