Sunday, 24 April 2016

L'OREAL PARIS LUMI Magique Pure Light Primer REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back.

Something I totally forgotten in my makeup collection
(which is one of the reason why from now on I want to have a smaller collection)
was this product by




Pure Light Primer

As I was saying I neglected this product for such a long time
mostly because I couldn't seen it in my collection.

I'm glad I've found it :)

What I love about this product, which is basically a primer,
the luminosity which gives you is FANTASTIC

A little bit goes a long way
I mostly apply it on my face avoiding my NOSE and my EYES
and then I will apply my foundation of choice 

I also use it as a highlighter on the top of my makeup 
just on the parts that I want to highlight
like cheekbones and cupids bow

I like the packaging small and sleek
travel friendly
It comes with a handy pump
make sure to shake the packeging before to pump the product out
it depends from the season you are in
something in extreme italian heat this product came out separated on me... 
so shake it first just in case!

Afterall I like it
 I recommend it
either for dry or oily skin

and if you have already tried it.. let me know your thoughts!


Mika xxx

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