Friday, 8 April 2016

NAIL Colour Combo ESSIE In The Twilight CATRICE Purple Reign SECHE VITE top coat

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back today with a

Nail Colour Combo or  NCC

Since I've stopped buying nail polish, because I'm moving in a couple of months
I decided to dig into my MASSIVELY HUGE nail polish collection
and make some colour combination nail style
nothing too crazy since I'm not good at nails at all
but still from far away can still look acceptable... (I hope)

Anyway this is what I came out with today

I used 3 products

Number 1

Essie In The Twilight
a beautiful unusual dark purple / blue
and I applied this all over my nails except for the
middle and the ring fingers

Number 2

Catrice Purple Reign
I apply this gorgeous shade on my middle and ring finger nail
this colour is so different
it's purple with a tons of blue glitters

Number 3

Seche Vite top coat
as usual I finish up my manicure with my best
glossy fast drying top coat
everything look better after this step :)

let me know what you think!


Mika xxx

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