Monday, 11 April 2016

No Mirror Makeup Challenge......... THE BROWS!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone.. and welcome back to my blog!

Don't be scared from the pictures I've uploaded in this post...
this isn't my regular makeup
but it is my makeup when I did

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

here is the video in case you haven't seen it

Apart from the brows.. from far away
everything seems fine...

the base and the lips were quite easy
but the BROWS...
omg.. they are so hard to do without watching...

even the eye makeup wasn't as hard
even though I decided to go for a look without a wing liner
(which is my regular look)
but I knew that I was going to make a mess, that's why I avoided it :)

You should totally do this video
is so fun to film
and interesting...

if you have already done it, leave me the link of your video down to the comments

I'd love to see your version


Mika xxx

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