Tuesday, 5 April 2016

NYC New York Color CITY PROOF Buildable Mascara REVIEW

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog.

Today I've got a new mascara to test out.

Another very affordable mascara from the drugstore.

I'm talking about

NYC New York Color

City Proof

Buildable Mascara

I'm always looking to find the perfect mascara from the drugstore

I've tried many, but I have still many more to try out

This one in particular by NYC I did like a lot.

It comes with the old fashion wand
which I usually don't enjoy as much as the more recent modern plastic ones

It has a cone shape which is different than usual
I guess the smaller part makes easier the application in the inner corner of the eyes
and as well on the bottom lashes

This is called the City Proof Buildable Mascara

It claim that you can build it up as much as you want without
creating any clumps

Personally I like the clumps effect, so even if this gives a more naturally effect
I build it up so much to actually create clumps ahahahah

It makes my lashes super long and spiky,
if you look at the picture without mascara and with
you'll see what I mean,
the difference is massive

It also give a curl effect in a way, opening up the eyes

I really like it!

And as I said, I wasn't keen on the wand
but I must say the effect that this mascara gives me I really love it

and you, have you ever tried this particular mascara by NYC?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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