Sunday, 22 May 2016


I love collecting clothes, especially dresses,
as you might have noticed on my latest video

My Dress Collection
(I leave the link of it down below in case you haven't seen it)

Anyway as I said I love collection dresses
but I love LESS wearing them

which is pity, I should force myself to embrace myself, my figure and wear
skirts or dresses, instead of ALWAYS jeans.

I love jeans because make me feel very comfortable
also I'm alway aware of the outside worlds and the dangerous things that can happen to you...
I always thought jeans are more safe than dresses or skirt...
In ANY occasions...


It's pity to wear the same style everyday especially when I own such a HUGE collection
of nice dresses

Here some of them...

Anyway, I really hope I will wear more dresses in future..

what do you think?

Are you a 24/7 Jeans girl? or you do wear dresses and skirts more?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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