Monday, 16 May 2016

FRIA Jaluronic Acid Face Mask REVIEW

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my channel..

In the last while I have seen myself using regularity

Facial Masks

 I have never really bother with this thing, but I must say giving myself 10 to 15 once a week
is not bad at all..

The mask I have used today is by the brand


Not to sure where is brand is from, I know that I can get it in Italy
in the local "drugstores" such as Acqua e Sapone

They do a wide range of face products
such as makeup remover wipes
and also masks

The one I have tried today is their

Jaluronic Acid Mask

in the ingredients list there are many goodies
as such as
Jaluronic Acid (hence the name)
Vitamin E
Aloe Vera
Provitamin B5

You keep it on for 10 minutes
and then when you take it off
you can noticeably see the appearance of your face looking more
and smooth

Take time for yourself even once a week..
will make you feel more "loved!


Mika xxx

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