Monday, 23 May 2016

KIKO Milano 3D Lifting Gommage REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

Today I'm about to talk about a skincare product
by the Italian brand

KIKO Milano

I'm talking about their

3D Lifting

I've been testing out this product over the last month
as you can also see here on my Instagram

This product is an Exfoliating Renewing Scrub
for your face
and it comes in a 75 ml packaging

The product itself has a pretty pink/lilac colour
(which I haven't seen it before and I must say I like it a lot!)

It works like any other scrub, you put it on
avoiding the eye area
then leave it on for up to 10 minutes
then wash it out..

hey this is paraben free!!!

I like it, it makes my skin so smooth after using it..
now, does it lift my skin (3D lifting effect)...
I haven't seen that yet
hopefully it does!!!

I'll keep using it and if I see a major change I will let you know
for now I enjoy the pamper effect that gives me
once a week!

and you?
Do you treat yourself once a week with masks, scrubs etc?

Let me know what your favourites are :)


Mika xxx

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