Saturday, 21 May 2016

MUA Eye Define Volume & Line Mascara REVIEW

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Today, unfortunately, is not a good review

I usually like to talk about products that I have enjoyed, leaving out
bad experiences..

I'm not saying that this product is the worst I have tried, just it does not work for me.

I'm talking about the

Makeup Academy

Eye Define

Volume & Line Mascara

When I first saw it in Superdrug, I was really intrigued by it
the gimmicky look to it wanted me to try it so bad...

It is a mascara, and kohl 2 in 1

I love the idea of it.. that's why I bought it

I'm afraid to say that neither the mascara or the kohl work for me

The thing I can't stand of the mascara is the wand 
way too big

the formulation isn't too bad, but the wand makes impossible to apply nicely
(at least for me)

Also the Kohl, it is not black as I like, and the staying power is really low

well at least I didn't spend too much money for this product being from the drugstore

As I said, this is my experience maybe you have tried this product and loved it..

Actually, if you have, let me know


Mika xxx


  1. This Mascara is ownsum... Its water proof and long lasting .. I bought it from .. I suggest other people also to use this