Sunday, 29 May 2016

NAIL Colour Combo Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Slip Stream and Dragster

Hi everyone!
I'm back today with another of my

Nail Colour Combo

Today I went a bit against the spring/summer wave

Choosing two very dark shades
probably more suitable for winter.. but, Hey Ho... who cares ;)

Both shades are from the brand

Barry M

(one of my favourite drugstore nail polish brand)

I actually filmed a video with all my BarryM Nail Polish collection over a year ago
and I feel it needs a little update, because since then I have purchased more and more

Here's the video anyway

In face the 2 shades I choosen today, I didn't own them last year when I filmed this video...


Shade Number 1

A very dark Grey shade

Shade Number 2

A nice Purple colour

Both of these nail polish come from the same line

Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Do you like this combo?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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