Tuesday, 17 May 2016

NAIL Colour Combo KIKO 389 - BARRY M Sugar Apple

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my channel.

Today I'm back with a

Nail Colour Combo

This time I only used two shades
and as you can see the theme this time was minty green.


Number 1 shade

KIKO number 389
I apply this slightly darker minty shade on my Thumb and my Pinky

Number 2 shade

Barry M - Sugar Apple
it is a bit more pastel than the kiko
and I applied it on my index, middle and ring finger nails

I didn't feel the need to apply the final layer
of top coat this time
maybe I was lazy, but I must say those two shades
look very nice and glossy by themselves 

I recommend them if you like minty green...


Mika xxx

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