Thursday, 12 May 2016

Throwback Thursday Pic

Throwback Thursday - year 2005 with my best friend Raffaella

Time Flies guys...

If I look at this picture I cannot believe that it is 11 years old...
I was only 26 and so many things were about to happen in my life.

I was with one of my best friend Raffaella
(now she is a lovely yummy mommy of a super pretty baby girl)

At that time we were younger.. we were clubbing a lot, and life felt so light and easy,
but that's normal I guess.

She is still one of my best friend.

And I love to share with you this moment
even though the quality of the picture isn't great
I took it with an old Nokia and back in the days phone pictures were pretty
poor quality

Anyway! That's my Throwback Thursday


Mika xxx

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