Friday, 13 May 2016

YouCam Makeup Versions of Me

Hello everyone this blog post is a bit different than the usual ones..
It isn't a review of a product
well maybe in a way it is..

Earlier this year I have discovered an APP on my iPhone

YouCam Makeup
OMG since I downloaded for free on my phone I haven't stopped
making different versions of myself

It is really funny, fascinating
you can also do your family and friends..

like for example here is my granny

Before and After

Anyway I have played around with this app, changing hair styles, 
changing eye colours or even just the shape of my brows..



they do change the entire face...

Here some "versions of me"


Finally this last pictures

these are the brows I would love to have!!!!!!!

I want these!!!

My natural brows are so arched and since I'm getting older
I found them to harsh for my face...
In my view, arched brows make you look
EVIL looking

(so really not a nice look)

 I wish somehow, someone...
could tell me what to do in order to make my brows

like above!

Please let me know...


Mika xxx

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