Tuesday, 28 June 2016

ARTDECO Glam Stars Eyeshadow 679 Soft Lilac Star REVIEW

Hi everyone.
Welcome back to my channel.

Today I want to show you this single eyeshadow from


I received this product (once again)
in a very old Glossybox
but because I own so much makeup (for only one person)
I have never got the chance to try it

This is their

Glam Stars Eyeshadow

in the shade 679

Soft Lilac Star

 A super soft, creamy buttery consistency eyeshadow
is a pleasure to apply

It goes on amazingly
it adds that shimmer that is so eyecatching

The shade complement my eye colour as well

Perfect as a highlight if you feel like it
it works very well on the mobile lids as well

If you are like me and wear every day a black liner without too much eyeshadow
this product will turn your look around

I love it!

Mika xxx

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