Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Hi everyone, and welcome back to my blog.

I was lucky enough the last week to spot a great deal
down to Tesco I picked up the Instyle Magazine
with a free makeup product inside..

from the British brand


The product I picked up is their


Liquid Eyeliner

in the shade

Pitch Black

My liquid eyeliner was running out, so I thought it was a good timing for me to pick this up
especially since I paid a fraction of the full price
(which is about £12)

Now it has been few days that I have been wearing this product
and I have already made up my mind.

The things I like first

The packaging
the doffer applicator
and how easy the application is..
to make the application so easy there are 2 factors to take in consideration
the doffer applicator is one
very fine and flexible
but also the formulation
Apparently there is an ingredient called
Sodium Hyaluronate
which makes the formula to glide on super smooth

Unfortunately there is one thing I don't like about this eyeliner
the formulation makes super easy to be remove
so in one way it is not a pain in the back to remove at night..
like some of my other favourite liquid eyeliners.

When I remove my makeup at night this liquid liner goes off with simple water..
which in a way is good,
but really is not
I was out the other day and it was raining..
a drop of rain when on my eyes and .....................


my eyeliner was all gone..
smodge all over
making an unwanted
smoky eye / panda eye effect

so be aware..

To be honest this is not what I look in a liquid liner
I want it to be super long lasting and super waterproof..

I dont care if it is a pain to remove at night..

I rather to wear something that during the day doesn't make me look CRAZY...


No thank you, I stick to my beloved drugstore liquid liners..

Still, I'm happy to have tried it..

and you?
Have you tried this product?
Did you experience my same concerns?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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