Monday, 25 July 2016

BOOTS Beautiful Hair Moisturise & Nourish Mask REVIEW

Hello everyone.
Welcome back to my blog.

Lately I made a Boots order online
and I was able to pick up few essentials, but also some
makeup products which I really want to try for such a long time.

If you haven't seen this Video Haul I leave it down below

Anyway my hair mask was running out.. and since my hair needs it
 I picked up a new one

This is from the brand


and it is their

Beautiful Hair Moisturise & Nourish Mask


Organic Argan Oil

This mask is aimed for Dry and Damaged Hair

It comes in a very big jar (350 ml)

The Organic Argan oil together with 
a blend of oils and conditioners
make this mask suitable for dry - damaged hair
it helps to make your hair silky soft
and also it smells really good

I really like using it also for mixing my hair toners
just to lower down the intensity of the shade :)

I'm very happy with this mask

I would buy it again for sure!


Mika xxx

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