Tuesday, 19 July 2016

DAINTY DOLL Nicola Roberts Eyeliner Pencil Shade 004 REVIEW

Hello everyone.
Welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to share with you an eyeliner.

I'm usually pretty basic when it comes to eyeliner
My usual picks are
Black - Brown or Flash (for the waterline)

But sometimes you get sent from various Beauty/makeup Boxes
some alternative colours..
which you know already, they will be hard to pull off.

Like this one

from the brand


which is a makeup brand with the name
of the former Girls Aloud

Nicola Roberts

Don't get me wrong
this pencil
shade 004
it's the perfect emerald green
super soft
and pigmented

I really like it.. but I wouldn't like it on me

Greens eyeliner remind me a period of my life
not a particular bad one actually
but in the 80s my mother use to use green eyeliner everyday
and since even back then when I was only a child
I loved to play with makeup
the only "makeup bag" available for me
to play around
was hers..

and since then I knew green eyeliner wasn't my cup of tea.

Who knows why?

and you?
Do you wear green eyeliners?


Mika xxx

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