Saturday, 23 July 2016

L'OREAL Sexy Balm Sheer 103 As If I REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel.

Today I'm back with sort of a new product from the drugstore.


Sexy Balm

in the Sheer finish

103 As If I

This Sexy Balm line comes with two finishes
the sheer one which is obviously more sheer
and the bold, more pigmented.

This shade in particular is the second light from the 8 shades available

This colour as you can see from the swatches is a nude/pink

If you like nude lip products there is one more in this line which is more beige than pink

Anyway, these are glossy balm
I love the finish, the formulation and the smell.

I also really like the packaging.

I would certainly recommend them to you.

Especially if you want a break from a liquid lipstick regime...

These are super moisturizing
and nourishing on your lips.

It's a YES for me.


Mika xxx

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