Friday, 8 July 2016

SUPERDRUG Outrageous Orange Hair Colour REVIEW

Hello everyone. Welcome back!

Later this week on my

I have uploaded a video of me
toning my hair Orange

Actually I leave you that video down below in case you haven't seen it.

I was in Superdrug and I was looking for a pink toner
since I'm into pinks lately
but then I saw this



Outrageous Orange

and I couldn't say no.

Well... to know what I think about it.. and how it works
I leave you to the video.

But shortly I can tell you
that it is a great product
you can use it really VIBRANT
if you want and you'll be really easily as orange as the girl in the box

If you are more conservative..
you can mix it (the tiniest amount) to your favourite conditioner
to achieve a bit of a orange delicate HUE

Enjoy anyway
play with colours is fun
without damaging your hair

I love toning my hair
and you?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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