Monday, 25 July 2016

What I Ate Today // JULY 2016 | MICHELA ismyname ❤️

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Hello everyone.. 
After nearly six months I'm back with one of my


It was requested, so here I am...

Showing you a very basic what I ate in a day video...

Breakfast | Chai Tea with a bit of Oat Drink - Two slices of Toast with Flora Spreading
 and Raspberry Jam

Lunch | Two slices of toast with rep pepper hummus spread on and a small avocado

Snack | Some Organic Nuts and Cup of Chai Tea like for Breakfast

Dinner | Frozen Curly Garlic and Herbs fries by Tesco, Potatoes wedges and Glamorgan sausages

After Dinner Snack | M&Ms :)


I hope you enjoy!


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Mika xxx

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