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L'OREAL PARIS Age Perfect Cell Renew Day Cream REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Before leaving Italy at the end of May
my mother bought this face cream by L'Oreal for me.
I didn't start using it till now, since I had other products to finish up that's why the label is in italian..

This is the

Age Perfect
Cell Renew
Day Cream

In the past I have tried other products from the
Age Perfect line and I was really happy with them.

Here you can read the reviews about those other products

L‘OREAL New Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream REVIEW
L'OREAL Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil Facial REVIEW

My mother didn't notice that this cream
is targeted for more mature skin than mine
but who cares I still put it on

Anyway this is what this cream claims to do

Age Perfect Cell Renew is an Advanced radiance regenerating
care specially formulated to help stimulate surface skin cell renewal.
Fresher, full of life, skin looks as if reborn.
Product Benefit
Renew helps stimulate surface skin renewal
Refresh radiance is regenerated
Restore skin is plumped with moisture
The Science
Cell defence technology
Natecium® DHC
Hyaluronic acid


I have used this product for a couple of weeks
and so far I noticed two downsides

first, which is totally personal
the scent...
I don't like the scent.
It is not unpleasant at all, it smell like Melon
but personally I hate fruity fake scents
especially if there are in a product which
I have to spread it all over my face after just being woken up
(it makes me sick)

Second downside
It hurt a lot if reaches the eyes..
I know that you are not suppose to use this around the eyes
but I usually do with other face creams, and I have done with other
L'Oreal Age Perfect product (without having this issue)
This cream stings so much..

so be careful

Afterall I haven't seen a massive difference on the appearance of my skin
but as I said, I have been using this cream only over the last couple of weeks..
I guess you'll need more time to see any changes..

I was pleased to have been able to try this product without paying (since my mother gifted to me)
but I must say I prefer the other line that I have tried before
the Extraordinary Oil - Cream

So I will repurchase them for sure!

Have you ever tried this product by L'Oreal?

Let me know if you have "encountered" the same downsides I mentioned


Mika xxx

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