Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.

The blog post of today is about the


Sexy Balm

in the shade 

202 Adventure

which is a shade out of the BOLD finish
from the line.

This is the second one from the
Sexy Balm, since I have already reviewed the other shade I own

I leave you the link HERE

If you are like me a big
Liquid lipstick fan
you know what is like to feel your lips really dry at times
and having these products allow you to switch
one day with a bit of glossy moisture

I love matte finish lipsticks or tints but really after days of wearing them
my lips CRY

So I have been loving wearing those 

This shade is beautiful!
So intense so vibrant
it has a wet look to it which I love.

The lips don't feel sticky at all.

It is a very comfortable formula to wear
and this colour in particular stay on all day
leaving a nice stain, so it is perfect if you are going out for the night
and planning on having few drinks

I totally recommend you to try few shade from this line.

At the moment, at least here in Britain, there are available only 8 shades
(4 sheer and 4 bold)
I hope they will bring more colours in future.

Have you ever tried them?

Let me know.


Mika xxx

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