Monday, 5 September 2016


Hello everyone.

This is a recap in what August 2016 was for me.

I'm sure if you have seen my Youtube video 
you already know..
but If you haven't you might find this post interesting.

First of all
the first day of August
was my cousin Fabrizio's birthday..
he sadly passed away last March, after battling with cancer for 4 years
Being the first birthday after he was gone
it was very hard on me..
August started very sad..

Birchbox was an happy surprise
I didn't know that after my July purchese 
I had the subscription ON
 I received August Birchbox and it was beautiful
I'm happy to be subscribed to them.. totally worth it!

The 15th of August another positive thing happened
we went to Dublin to see
Louis C.K.
I really enjoyed it!!
I had a great time :)

Unfortunately something towards the end of the month
reset all the good things
and really made me miserable.
at 3.36 am of the 24th of August
a BIG quake broke over 300 lives
and destroyed few towns..
My Grandmother's town was affected too
Nobody was injured (my family or friends) but her home
my family home, where I grow up..
has been affected, and has been declared unfit.

Just a year ago I was there visiting my Granny
I vlogged that day
you can see the beautiful town.. my granny's home
everything has changed in one year :(

Finally August ened in a nice note
I wen tot Belfast to the opening
of a new KIKO Milano Store

It was fun, I've got freebies 
and met lovely people

Then of course there were few products that I didn't particularly liked
during the month..

and others that I did like... :)

If you want know more in detail about my August
I leave you the video down below

Thanks for your time


Mika xxx

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