Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog.

Today I want to talk about a product
which I received in my June Birchbox called

Paradise Found

I've been testing out this product for the last few weeks 
now and I can tell you what I think about it.

I'm talking about


Dream Screen

SPF 45 PA +++

this is a oil free sunscreen
It has a very lightweight formula
it feels like applying milk on your face (I love it)

You need to apply this on top of your moisturiser
right before to go outside.

I must say being in Northern Ireland it could be hard to try
this product in a very hot day, since there are not many hot days, but
September (luckily) so far has had a few fairly hot days

I applied it before my makeup
and to me it improves the appearance of my skin
my natural shine seems reduced
To me this product acts as a shiny control

I was outside all day painting the shed
and I notice I didn't burnt

Usually I never burnt but my nose get very red after a few hours under the sun
I must say my nose is not red.. 
So I'm confident to say that this sunscreen works :)

The full size of the Dream Screen by Benefit
retails at £25.00

I'm not sure if I would buy, but the fact that it improves 
the appearance of my skin
keeping it oil free
and it has a very high spf of 45 PA +++
It's very tempting..

Overall I'm glad I was able to try out this product by Benefit.

Do you know this product?

If you have used it, let me know what you think.


Mika xxx

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