Sunday, 4 September 2016

CYNTHIA ROWLEY Brightening Illuminator REVIEW

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to talk about another product
received on my June Birchbox

Here's the video in case you have missed it

I must say, I'm really enjoying Birchbox...
I'm very happy with it, so far I have received 3 boxes and
the quality of each is indisputable


the product I want to talk about today is the


Brightening Illuminator

If you like me don't know who Cynthia Rowley is..
well she is a fashion designer..

I leave you the wikipedia article to read... if you are interested.

This product full size retails for £19.00/$28.00

This Beauty Brightening Illuminator
is the perfect thing for Strobing

It's very natural, and it has not glitter...
it is more like sheen finish..
and I love it!!!

here's what the claim to be

You just can’t beat the convenience of painting on highlighter with a brush. 
And now we’ve found the perfect formula to go with the perfect applicator: 
one that goes on smooth, dries to a pearlescent finish, and has just the right 
amount of shimmer (hint: not too much). This velvety highlighter works for all skin tones,
delivering a subtle sheen that lights up your features. 
It's an ace at strobing, or just adding a little extra brightness to cheekbones, brows, 
and the inner corners of your eyes.

if you want to read more, check the link out

I've been using it over the last couple of weeks
and I love how natural yet shiney this illuminator looks
it has like a wet look to it.. which I love..
since I'm not in my 20s anymore.. (for a long time now)
the fact that this highlighter is so lightweight
and it has a wet looking finish
helps with any lines around my eyes.. 
it helps to make me look more youthful..

At least I hope :)

Great discovery from Birchbox once again..

And you, have you ever tried anything from this brand?

Let me know


Mika xxx

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